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Review and Editing Assistance

You have created a precious and treasured piece of writing and now are ready for the next step.  What is that next step – perhaps adding clarity, an editorial review, suggestions on specific content editing, or guidance towards publishing.  Any piece of writing specifically written to share with a narrow or perhaps wider audience shines brighter and is more memorable with the polish of a careful memoir review and edit.

If it is your desire to move on to that next step, I would love to help.  Listed below is a general outline of what that looks like.


  • A consultation discussion and conversation – what is your vision, purpose, and desired outcome?
  • Your submission of writing material and a review by me which is tailored to meet your specific review intentions.
  • Writing material returned to you for your review and revision of writing, guided by my written suggestions.
  • Writing material resubmitted to me for an additional review and again a return to you for your writing revision.


Consultation – free

$50 for each 2-page story, $10 for each additional page

DISCOUNT – 10% off for anyone who has completed the advanced TYE Course II


I do not offer specific publishing services; however, I do have suggestions and information on directions you can proceed to create a published piece.


Suggestions and review of options – free

$30/ hour – Contacting resources, walking through the process, organization and arranging of material for submission