In this 8-week course you will become certified as a Guided Autobiography (GAB) instructor. You will learn of the tremendous benefits of writing and sharing life stories, the history of the GAB program, the curriculum, and how to market your classes.

Class time will be structured to include eight 3-hour sessions. During the 8 weeks, the instructional time of the first hour has three components. In the early sessions, the history of life review will be covered – the benefits and a look at pioneers in the field including Dr. James Birren, the founder and developer of Guided Autobiography. The second component of the first hour during the 8 weeks looks at instructional theory and best practices in delivery and facilitation of GAB groups. The third topic covered during the first hour will focus on marketing or how to reach your target audiences.
The second hour will take an in depth look at the lessons of each GAB session. Each lesson of GAB will be shared with you in much the same way you would facilitate your own class. The weekly theme will be introduced, activities will be done, and discussions will happen. You will be given all the material needed for your own classes.

The third hour will be a story sharing time. Each class participant will write a short 2-page story on the weekly theme. That story will be shared with the group during the third hour of class. As you will quickly realize, confidentiality and freedom to tell your story as it unfolded for you are expected practices.

Upon completion of this 8-week course, you will be certified by the Birren Center for Autobiographical studies as a Guided Autobiography Instructor. You will have all the materials to start your own business, including research, materials to create lessons, handouts for each class session and a variety of examples and options for marketing your class. You will also have access to a 300+ member listserv that is very active in sharing opportunity, ideas, and support. Learn more about Guided Autobiography here.

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